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/copy• kit/


1. a service kit for creating marketing copy that caters to your taste.

2. the etiquette of providing marketing copy services while giving you a seamless end-to-end experience.


Our writing & editing services are item-based, meaning you can purchase 1 or 100 and pricing would be per item - there is no subscription fee. For each item, our services come in three different tiers and, where applicable, the scope of the work is determined by its word count









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THE 50/50


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You've written 75-100% of the copy. We'll write what's left but the bulk of our work will focus on proof-reading, editing, and refining.

This tier is perfect if you prefer to write your own content and would like a second pair of eyes to review and edit.

You've written about 50% of the copy and the rest is on us. We'll write the remaining content to get you to 100% of your desired word count.


We'll refine what you've written so far and make sure that our writing style is cohesive with your brand's tone. We'll add keywords and links where necessary. We'll give your structure a face-lift if it needs one and we'll make sure the content resonates with your audience.

This tier is perfect if you like to get a headstart on your writing and then hand it off to be finished. Whether you've hit a writer's block or you haven't gotten around to completing the work, we'll take it from here.

You either haven't written a thing or you've got an outline - this is an A-Z job for us. If you have a skeleton or a bunch of bullet points outlining what you want, great. If not, we'll create one for you. Once planning and structuring are done, we start writing.

We'll write the content from start to finish, with an SEO focus all throughout. We'll be sure to highlight your brand messaging, speak to your audience and voice your CTA. Once the writing is done, we'll proof-read, edit, and refine to your liking. 

This tier is perfect if you want to completely outsource the job. We're all ears if you'd prefer to give direction, but we can get creative on our own if you'd prefer to be less involved. 


Item-based services are carried out based on the chosen tier, with consideration to the scope (word-count) of the work. Pricing is item-specific.

• Website Copy 

• Blog Posts

• E-books / Guides

• Social Media Copy (long-form captions)

• Press Release

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• Internal Documentation Copy

• Email Outreach Copy

• Brand Messaging Copy

• Newsletters

• Translation (Arabic   < >   English)*

*translation is only available for small-medium scope

at the moment - get in touch for more.

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Project-based services are carried out on a monthly basis with no different tier options, only one standard flat fee per month.

• Brand Story Building 

• Link Building 

• Marketing Strategy Consulting

• SEO Strategy Consulting

QUICK-SERVE OPTION  perfect for TIER1 or TIER2 copy.

If you're tight on time and already know what you want, use our quick-serve submission form below to fast-track your order. Upload your copy into a Google doc and send it using the form below. Tell us the basics: what kind of content it is, your required turnaround time and the service you need us to apply to it. Feel free to elaborate with more context or direction. We'll get in touch shortly after your submission!

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Talk to you soon!

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