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Make yourselves at home  !البيت بيتكم



Welcome !أهلاً Welcome !أهلاً Welcome !أهلاً Welcome !أهلاً

We are a copy-shop with flair and flavour, providing writing/editing services fit for your marketing content.

Long story short: if it involves writingrefining, proof-reading, and (sometimes) translating marketing content, we do it. We focus on creating written content that speaks to your audience and highlights your brand messaging. 


Whether you need help writing your website copy from start to finish, or just a second pair of eyes to proof-read your blog post, we've got you. Our services can be catered to fit your business's needs and taste.

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Welcome !أهلاً Welcome !أهلاً Welcome !أهلاً Welcome !أهلاً

Our customer experience is inspired by the etiquette of serving 

Arabic coffee; we view every client as a valued guest.

When serving Arabic coffee, the host stops pouring when the guest shakes their cup (signalling their contentment). As your host, our aim is to leave you as satisfied as possible with our work. Before anything, we focus on taking a generous amount of time to understand your goals and vision for our time together. From there, our work isn't over until you're happy with it - until you shake your cup!

We believe in marrying high integrity marketing knowledge with a tailor-made writing process, to create copy that cuts no corners. At our table: SEO is the guest of honour, a sharp eye for grammar/spelling is the centrepiece, bland descriptions are unwelcome, and lukewarm storytelling is nowhere to be seen. 

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Once you've decided to work with us, we set up an introductory meeting to get accquainted over coffee (or your favourite alternative!). This is where we figure out how our services can best fit your needs and timeline.




After taking the time to understand your brand and its tone of voice, we get to work. Whether you've hired us to write for your blog, review your social media copy, or refine your brand messaging, this is where the bulk of our work gets done.




We've completed version 1 of our work and it's time for your review. We present what we've written/edited for you to give us your general thoughts and pointers. If you're happy with the work, we're happy to hand it off. If not, it's back to the drawing board for us.




Based on our main review meeting, we'll make edits, revisions and create a couple of new renditions if need be. We'll regularly touchbase with you during this time to make sure you're as involved in the fine-tuning process as you'd like to be.




After all is written and done, it's time for the official hand-off. Suffice to say at this point, our work fits your taste and satisfaction. We believe in open-line communication; if you're seeking additional advice or direction, we're happy to help in a consulting capacity beyond our work.

If you're tight on time, we can skip the formalities - check out our quick-serve option.

Hello, I'm Farah  !مرحباً، أنا فرح

- the human behind copyquette 

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Here to: provide your brand/business with crafted written content that elevates your marketing tone of voice & solidifies your brand story.


Inspired by:

  • women doing amazing things

  • SWANA-brewed creative disruptors & social innovators

  • the Arabic language

Empowered by:

  • exchanges that go beyond small talk

  • collaboration (in its many forms)

  • normalizing honest conversation surrounding mental health

Running on: C O F F E E

PSA: copyquette is a safe space driven by empathy & acceptance.

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